We help companies shift from products to services-based business

Services can provide profitable and stable revenue streams that enhance the commoditizing base product business, but making the shift is difficult. ServTrans has successfully guided companies through the servitization process. Here are some examples of our work:

Evolving from product-focused to services-led

A leading technology innovator for the transportation industry recognized the need to evolve rapidly from a product-plus-service business model to a services-led model focused on customer success. Using an “executive in residence” approach that has proven highly effective, ServTrans experts helped create a new business strategy, new organizational and financial models, and also worked with the client to leverage the Big Data generated by its products. The value of this data helped reduce its customers’ operating costs and environmental impacts, while improving end-user satisfaction. The result was overall growth in revenue potential, an increase in profits, and the ability to quickly deploy innovative solutions through a managed services model—without increasing the client’s capital budget.

Reducing customer complexity through a new global business model

A Fortune 500 software company wanted to reduce the complexity and time required to install its software solutions by offering a proprietary appliance that would enable customers to install its software in minutes rather than days or months. However, the company was not experienced in either selling or servicing hardware platforms. Understanding customer demand for the right solution, the company engaged ServTrans experts to define the business model, operations, infrastructure, and capabilities required to deploy and support the new solution globally. In less than six months, ServTrans—working with a cross-functional company team—had developed a service model; contracted with global service delivery partners; and addressed supply chain, legal entity, sales operations, and service technology issues, enabling an on-time product launch.