You may be standing on a potential burning platform—
and not know it

Running your business day-to-day in challenging times and focusing too much on short term internal horizons often results in fatal business surprises. The cumulative effect of not focusing on your customers business issues is the death by 1000 cuts. Our short questionnaire can help you determine if your business is vulnerable because of an inadequate or ineffective customer orientation. You’ll learn if:

  • Your business is standing on a potential burning platform
  • Direct or indirect indicators signal impending disaster
  • Competitors are identifying market opportunities and serving customers better

Assess your risk

Check the boxes that are TRUE for your business today.

Business/risk indicators

New competitors are winning in your space with less robust offerings

Price sensitivity seems to be increasing in your marketplace

Cheaper, less unique alternatives are replacing your products/services

Business results are not meeting your expectations, and you are not sure why
Investment returns/ROI Indicators

Your investments in customer satisfaction (CSAT) or net promoter score (NPS) have not yielded the expected results

Cost reduction and outsourcing programs have damaged customer relationships.

You have cut your customer service budget to compensate for lower profits elsewhere.
Employee indicators

Employee satisfaction metrics are declining

Key employees and top performers are jumping ship

Staff is more focused on internal issues like their jobs than on engaging with customers

Career development activities have been curtailed or eliminated
Customer experience indicators

Orders, same-store sales, bid performance, share of wallet, or other performance metrics are declining or growing more slowly than those of your competitors’

Customer complaints, escalations, and negative social network traffic are rising

Customer satisfaction metrics are either not improving or are trending negative

Your customers are not as engaged with your business as they used to be