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Our library provides information, insight, and tools for building a service-oriented enterprise. We welcome your comments, requests and feedback about our tools and briefs.

Risk Assessment Tool
Our short questionnaire will help you identify the critical threats and risk to your business. Your answers are completely confidential and you’ll receive an immediate assessment and recommendation.

White Paper: Is your company a Service-Oriented Enterprise?
The services and support organizations of most companies today are the customer champions. How can we leverage this leadership along with a comprehensive customer feedback system to drive new value for customers and stockholders?

White Paper: Customer Experience Maturity Index
Discusses our strategic framework from which we can quantifiably measure 7 core business focus areas to determine how customer focused a company really may or may not be. The higher the scoring across our seven weighted attributes, the more likely that Customer Experience will be better and the more success a company should enjoy both in financial terms and greater longevity.

ServTrans Datasheet: Overview of Services Datasheet: Overview of ServTrans Services
To lead in this new economy, companies need to radically transform their business models.
Datasheet: Alignment
Strategy execution and positive results requires good alignment of all your resources. Learn how ServTrans drives alignment that drives customer value.
Datasheet: Innovation
Service Innovation is a powerful engine for growth. Learn how we drive innovation that delivers customer value.
Datasheet: Optimization
Learn how ServTrans drives optimization that delivers customer value and how we deliver solutions that provide measurable financial improvement.
Datasheet: Transformation
Learn how we help you transform your company to maximize customer and shareholder value without compromise.