We help companies improve organizational performance

Transforming a company to a customer-centric organization can dramatically change how the business itself operates and performs. ServTrans has helped companies grow customer and shareholder value. Here are examples of our work:

Streamlining core business processes to create successful CRM projects

If you do not know where you are going, any road will get you there. This statement was especially true for a leading software company with a history of acquiring companies and failing to integrate them effectively into its operations. In an attempt to facilitate the integration effort, three groups in the company—unbeknownst to each other—requested proposals from CRM solution vendors. Each RFP differed significantly in its requirements.

Using proprietary Touchpoint Analysis tools, ServTrans experts quickly identified underlying issues with the company’s existing CRM tools and helped the client understand that simply implementing a new solution would not deliver the desired results. Instead it was necessary to first streamline core business processes and align processes from acquired companies to a common standard. The resulting business process changes significantly improved customer satisfaction and prevented millions of dollars being spent on CRM systems implementations that were destined to fail.

Clarifying the difference between globalization and off-shoring

Companies often confuse globalization with labor arbitrage, which is the practice of off-shoring work to cheaper labor markets. A 40-year-old technology firm was confronting the need to support legacy technology, develop new technology, and reduce operational costs in order to support R&D. ServTrans experts were asked to evaluate a “globalization” plan for both customer services and shared services teams. By helping the client define what success meant for end customers, ServTrans was able to create a set of workforce and workflow plans that leveraged skills available in the world market and optimized labor costs. By taking a global view of the situation, ServTrans helped the client achieve immediate cost reductions, create an adaptive and scalable work force, and improve the overall satisfaction with customer support.

Addressing the operational realities that follow

A very large Fortune 100 technology company believed that its products were its most important source of value. As it acquired other companies, however, management came to understand the value of the newly acquired customer base. ServTrans experts were called in to streamline and accelerate the acquisition integration process while helping to maintain or increase the satisfaction of customers and internal customer-facing teams.

ServTrans experts enhanced the due diligence phase with processes designed to deliver a successful acquisition. In addition, they employed a Map-and-Gap methodology to evaluate customer-facing processes and ensure win-win relationships. As a result, acquisition integrations that had taken years were reduced to months, customer success was enhanced, and the company achieved better ROI.