What we do

We are paradigm busters who help you see new possibilities by asking the different question. We see possibilities differently through a unique and proprietary customer lens that helps you focus on your most valuable assets, your customers. We help you create new value for your customers and position your organization on long term success by:

  • Leveraging your customer relationships drive innovation
  • Managing the transformation of your business to support sustainable innovation
  • Demonstrating how you can optimize the results
  • Ensuring you have the proper alignment of resources execute your strategy successfully the first time.

Innovation is about understanding the problems you confront and solving them in a way that creates competitive advantage. Most companies need to learn to innovate and how to create sustainable innovation. We work with you to develop the strong vision, commitment, and expert execution required for sustained, customer-focused innovation. Our experts will tailor a program to meet your company’s strategic goals. The following are examples of program elements we have used to help a company develop a culture of innovation:

  • Customer experience design
  • Service Dominate Innovation
  • Innovation culture and process
  • Organizational innovation
  • Powered by Customer business modeling
  • Scenario planning for innovation
  • Vision and strategy development
  • Change and program management
  • Culture assessment and change management

In today’s economy, customers expect tangible evidence that you support their success. This expectation requires you to adopt a business operating model that is as much externally focused as it is internally efficient. Strategic transformation to a culture Powered by Customers requires that organization transform its existing business model. ServTrans will support you in this change through:

  • Customer-centric business modeling
  • Strategic transformation planning
  • Customer experience management
  • Customer success models
  • Customer touch point analysis
  • Operational and financial planning
  • Strategic customer intelligence systems
  • Employee engagement
  • PMO/project governance
  • Service systems engineering and design

We help you optimize new and legacy investments to achieve efficiency and profitability. In most cases, the savings and efficiencies gained from optimizing your existing operation can fund the investment that you need for innovation. Once your organization has adopted an innovative customer success business model, it is important to ensure ongoing effectiveness and efficiency. To optimize your operating model, ServTrans experts can provide support during the Optimization stage with:

  • Balanced Scorecard and metrics
  • Resource utilization assessment and alignment
  • CRM/service systems technology and vendor evaluation
  • Resource globalization and optimization
  • PMO/project quality monitoring
  • CRM strategy planning
  • Quality process implementation
  • Knowledge reuse and optimization
  • Program governance and management
  • Risk analysis

Creating a customer-focused business requires that resources, priorities, measures of success, and quality all be aligned. We enable you to build a high performance organization by effectively managing change, developing capable leadership, and creating business routines that are efficient and customer success-oriented.

For an organization to truly transform it is necessary to ensure alignment throughout the organization. ServTrans will help ensure alignment through:

  • Strategic Alignment assessment and workshop
  • Leadership development workshops
  • Change management workshops
  • Technology and process alignment
  • High-performance organization workshops
  • Business process/routine development
  • Alliance and partnership strategy development