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Supercharge your Business

Being passionate about customer centricity and customer experience makes me either the best customer you ever had or the worst critic, as you might expect. With over 30 years of experience in customer experience and services there is not much that my partners and I have not seen in both B2C and B2B. When I […]

“When Pigs fly….”

“When Pigs fly…” is the usual response when you try and get giant corporations to take on new business innovation. However, it now seems like winglets are developing on the swine. GM recently announced a new business venture call Maven. http://media.gm.com/media/us/en/gm/news.detail.html/content/Pages/news/us/en/2016/Jan/0121-maven.html “GM President Dan Ammann said while more customers than ever are buying vehicles, there […]

“How long will your business exist?”

In this business world of what have you done for me lately, thinking about anything beyond this quarter or this year is a challenging situation for business leaders. Shareholders demand increasing earnings per share, CFO’s want to know where have you cut costs and increased cash flows, COO’s and operations managers are being driven to increase productivity every year and analysts wonder what’s the next innovative product/service you are going to offer this year?

Designed Not to Listen

Companies need to rethink how they listen to their customers. It is not about just having happy customer metrics; it is about creating value for customers that will be rewarded by loyal customers. It is not about seeking complaints or complements, it is about how to improve your business, detect trends and getting ahead of problems. Listening to customer will provide valuable input to innovation within your company. Those companies who are designed not to listen to their customers are designing themselves to FAIL.

Why Running is Like Running a Services Business

An epiphany hit me the other day while I was out running.At some point in my life running for exercise went from being a health benefit to becoming a health risk. I realized that there might be parallel between this problem of running for health and a service organization’s ability to stay healthy.

“Why do you hate my bags?”

This was the worst day of the Symposium… but only because it was the LAST day and I was left wanting more. Isn’t that a good sign? If we leave wanting more it is like having a great meal, you really want to continue eating because it was so good, but you are now full. I leave the Symposium feeling like I have a lot to digest but wishing I could continue to interact and learn with the great folks that attended and world class team from ASU.

“Nobody cares how good you were”

“Nobody cares how good you were” This was one of many good quotes from Larry Winget who entertained,energized and educated as the final speaker of the day at ASU’s Compete Through Service Symposium Day 2. Larry, who wrote the book “People are Idiots and I can Prove It”, takes no prisoners when he speaks.

What is your Karma Footprint?

Dateline: Compete Through Service Symposium , DAY 1.

It is my pleasure to bring you some of the highlights from this conference. For those that are attending, I hope that you will add your thoughts and comments. For those who could not attend because of the current business pressures, I hope that this will give you some insight.

Mobility Services, a new model for automobile companies…

What if GM, a.k.a. “General Motors” was now called “Global Mobility” or even “General Mobility”, would that change what they do? A name change alone would not change things perhaps; but if the name was changed because of a new way of thinking about the value that they could bring to the world, it might.