ServTrans is now a Prana Business Certified Partner

Hayward, CA July 6, 2015 — ServTrans, a management consulting firm, announced that it is now a Certified Partner with Prana Business. ServTrans will use the Line-of-Sight™ suite of diagnostic tools from Prana Business in its work with companies to create profitable customer-centric businesses.

ServTrans works with leading companies to develop customer-driven business strategies that transform their business to deliver measurable financial improvement and improve stakeholder value. As a Prana Business Certified Partner, ServTrans will have additional advanced tools to help companies align their resources to more effectively execute their core strategic initiatives.

“Execution is key to every successful strategy, but mis-alignment and employee engagement issues can derail even the best strategies. The Line-of-Sight diagnostic tools help us tailor solutions for the issues that can cause failure in execution,” Doug Morse, Chief Inspiration Officer at ServTrans. “With Line-of-Sight, we can measure the readiness of companies and their leadership teams to effectively implement and execute on their strategic objectives. That lets us chart a course of action at the outset of our client engagement.”

“We’re very excited to announce the partnership with the experts at ServTrans,” said Joe F. Clark, CEO of Prana Business. “The combination of their high-level track record and expertise along with the Line-of-Sight tools will create a powerful offering that brings the promise of real strategic impact.”

Using the Line-of-Sight suite of diagnostic tools, ServTrans provides a quick and accurate snapshot of how well a company is aligned and ready to execute strategy. Depending on the client’s needs, assessments will be provided by ServTrans for individuals, teams/workgroups or for the entire organization.

Get a no-obligation sample of the Individual Line-of-Sight assessment, which takes leaders on a compelling journey toward becoming more strategy-focused.