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“When Pigs fly….”

“When Pigs fly…” is the usual response when you try and get giant corporations to take on new business innovation. However, it now seems like winglets are developing on the swine. GM recently announced a new business venture call Maven. “GM President Dan Ammann said while more customers than ever are buying vehicles, there […]

Cost of Service Recovery

We spend a lot of dollars (or equivalents) in business trying to make a customer happy in order to retain their business AFTER a service failure, it makes sense to focus on reducing the failure rate as a top priority. If the overall experience of a customer is poor as a result of a service error then studies have show where we may have to spend at least 10x or more to recover from a problem than the investment would have been to prevent it from happening in the first place

Customer Experience of Dr. Drill and Fill

Every day I have these small moments of customer experience revelation that in a way are as profound and impactful to small business as they are to bigger ones. Some moments are good and some of them not as good.

“How long will your business exist?”

In this business world of what have you done for me lately, thinking about anything beyond this quarter or this year is a challenging situation for business leaders. Shareholders demand increasing earnings per share, CFO’s want to know where have you cut costs and increased cash flows, COO’s and operations managers are being driven to increase productivity every year and analysts wonder what’s the next innovative product/service you are going to offer this year?

Why don’t customers matter to CEO’s?

Why don’t CEO’s focus more on their customers? Ask any CEO if customers are important and they will (or should) always answer YES, very important. If you asked them how much of their organization, their time or their strategy is focused on the customer the truthful answers will likely show a different story.

Designed Not to Listen

Companies need to rethink how they listen to their customers. It is not about just having happy customer metrics; it is about creating value for customers that will be rewarded by loyal customers. It is not about seeking complaints or complements, it is about how to improve your business, detect trends and getting ahead of problems. Listening to customer will provide valuable input to innovation within your company. Those companies who are designed not to listen to their customers are designing themselves to FAIL.

Why Running is Like Running a Services Business

An epiphany hit me the other day while I was out running.At some point in my life running for exercise went from being a health benefit to becoming a health risk. I realized that there might be parallel between this problem of running for health and a service organization’s ability to stay healthy.

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