Knowledge Management – Where’s the ROI?

  When problems in our daily lives require a solution, we first try to reflect on our previous experiences and our acquired knowledge to affect a resolution.  We may have dealt with exactly the same issue or similar ones in the past.  We may be aware of similar problems that others have faced and resolved.  […]

Hope Is Not A Plan

      So, you’ve been on the phone with the Service Department for the past three hours.  The agent has asked you the same questions over and   over even though they clearly have nothing to do with the problem.  He has asked you to reboot, reset, reload and repeat at least a dozen times.  […]

Co-Created Services Opportunity and Challenge

The Co-Created Service Opportunity and Challenge Ever deepening complexity, economic trends and the competitiveness of the marketplace have made it tougher for companies to achieve profitability targets and to effectively deliver on the promise of customer success.  Co-created services, where customers and partners play a greater role in the delivery of service is a reality. Companies […]