Author: dwiersma

Customer Experience of Dr. Drill and Fill

Every day I have these small moments of customer experience revelation that in a way are as profound and impactful to small business as they are to bigger ones. Some moments are good and some of them not as good.

Customer Experience Leadership

Customer experience has become an incredibly popular term over the last few years. There are dozens of Linked In sites dedicated to individuals and groups talking everyday about customer experience. Conferences on the subject and experts have emerged in every corner of business talking about the importance of customer experience as a business imperative. Customer […]

Deteriorating Customer Experiences

Have you noticed over the last several years that the quality of customer experiences for the most part have deteriorated in almost every aspect of business? Whether its B2B or B2C it seems like companies forgot what is critical for their long term success is the importance of a great customer experience.

“How long will your business exist?”

In this business world of what have you done for me lately, thinking about anything beyond this quarter or this year is a challenging situation for business leaders. Shareholders demand increasing earnings per share, CFO’s want to know where have you cut costs and increased cash flows, COO’s and operations managers are being driven to increase productivity every year and analysts wonder what’s the next innovative product/service you are going to offer this year?